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Sardinia 50% car discount - Moby Lines

Routes available:

Genoa to Olbia | Olbia to Genoa | Civitavecchia to Olbia | Olbia to Civitavecchia


Travel with MOBY Lines and save on vehicle transportation. Benefit from 50% discount for vehicle transportation on return way which is valid on some itineraries of Sardinia! On return way you pay half-price for your car! Order right now!


•The offer is valid for return way on some itineraries of Sardinia until there are tickets available for sale. •The discount is not compatible with other special offers (except for Best Offer) and discounts for Sardinians. •The discount applies only to transportation cost of a vehicle (up to 5 meters in length and up to 2.2 meters in height) on return way in case of purchase of two-way tickets for the same itinerary. •The discount shall not apply to taxes, duties, commissions and cost of other services. •In case of cancellation of the trip the discount for return ticket shall be cancelled and tariffs available at the moment of such changes shall be used. •The offer does not have retroactive effect. •The discount can't be refunded but may be changed in case of penalties payment and eventual tariffs changes. •The discount applies only to cars which are up to 5 meters in length and up to 2.2 meters in height. Any vehicle intended for cargo transportation (with or without cargo) can't participate in the promotion offer. Camions and pickup vans shall be considered as cars. •If the car which participates in the promotion offer is going to be rented in future, officers who are responsible for shipment shall confirm the transportation of such a vehicle. If there is no such a car, the client shall pay penalties. If the officers who are responsible for unloading discover differences between the order and actual transportation, the client shall pay penalties. •Amount of penalties shall be a maximum tariff indicated in price-list.

Travel period:

Valid for travel from 27-08-2013 to 30-09-2013


Valid from 27-08-2013 to 30-09-2013

How to book:

We are sorry but this offer has expired and no longer available to book.