Grandi Navi Veloci

Terms & Conditions


Cancellations must be communicated within the time limits listed below and the following penalties will be applied:

  • from the moment of booking until 20 days before departure, 20%
  • from 19 days to 4 days before departure, 25%
  • from 3 days to 2 hours before departure, 50%
The above deductions are applied to the total of the tariffs for Passengers, booked vehicles and additional taxes. 
The cancellation date and time must be noted on the ticket by the Company or the Travel Agency that issued the ticket. 
The calculation of the time limits runs from the day following the cancellation date and includes the departure date.

There will be no refund if you cancel/annul the ticket less than 2 hours before departure, or if you fail to show up in the established time for boarding without having given advance communication to the Company for the occurrence of any of the circumstances set out in Paragraph 400 Cod. Nav.

In the event of the cancellation of a ticket that has already been changed, the more expensive penalty will be applied, based on the date the changes were made.

It is not possible to partially cancel a ticket, therefore cancellation is considered to refer to the entire travel document.

We advise Passengers to take out an insurance policy that covers the above-mentioned cancellation penalties.

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Useful information

Documents required for boarding

Passengers who board the ferries must have a Grandi Navi Veloci ticket and an identity document, in particular:

National lines: valid identity document.

Genoa-Barcelona line: identity document valid for travel abroad.

Tunsia and Morocco lines:prior to boarding, passengers are required, at their own expense and under their own responsibility, to check their documents (persons, including minors and/or vehicles) with the appropriate Police Authorities in order to ascertain that they are suitable for entering the country of disembarkation.

The company will not refund passengers not authorised by the Border Police to board due to documents not suitable for travel abroad.

Embarking and disembarking

Presentation at boarding

Domestic and EU journeys:

Passengers with vehicle: 2 hours before departure

Passengers without vehicle: 1 hour before departure

Camper on board: 3 hours before departure

Journeys outside Schengen: 4 hours before the ship’s estimated departure time for passengers with and without vehicles.

Boarding operations

Each vehicle must be boarded only by the driver in compliance with the safety regulations S.O.L.A.S. (Safety Of Life At Sea): in the garage, the driver will be given a ticket which will show which deck-garage the vehicle is parked on.

During sailing, for safety reasons it will not be possible to return to the garage, so it is essential to take everything you need for the journey with you.

Other passengers and passengers without a vehicle will board by foot.

Vehicles fuelled by LPG must be reported to the staff when boarding. They will be parked in an ad hoc section in the ferry’s garage.

All Passengers with or without a vehicle must do the CHECK-IN which provides your boarding card and the automatic allocation of your accommodation number. The Boarding card is essential for boarding the boat and must be kept until you disembark.

In accordance with the international code ISPS relative to anti-terrorist regulations, Passengers must show their ticket, boarding card and an ID document whenever asked by the ship’s officer. They must also allow any inspection of their luggage. These checks may also be carried out by port security personnel.

During the check-in the Company may carry out checks on the dimensions of the booked vehicles. If any discrepancies are discovered, the Passengers will be asked to pay the relative price difference and a fee for changing the ticket. The Company reserves the right to not allow the embarkation of vehicles which do not conform to the information declared during the booking process, if not enough garage space is available on the ship.

Disembarking operations

Carefully follow all announcements, with particular attention to those relative to the deck-garage indicated on the ticket you were given when boarding.

Accommodation (cabins and seats) must be vacated before the ship’s arrival time, so that disembarking operations can be carried out in safety.

The procedures and vacating times of the accommodation, and directions for the meeting points in communal areas, will be communicated by the Ship’s Commander.

Pets on GNV ferries: travel advice

With the new GNV "Pets, Welcome on Board" service ,pets can finally travel on board the ferries together with their owners.

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